Reading Group

Being a scientist - even a social scientist - is solitary business. Join me in an effort to make reading books more fun and productive by discussing them as a group.

The reading group will focus on sociological research that applies ethnographic, discourse and/or conversation analytical methods to the study of organisations and interaction in politics, business, social work and beyond. I will read one of these books (roughly) each month and then write a short review which is going to be open for comments.

Would you like to take part and/or suggest readings? Drop me a line.


Robert M. Emerson (2015) Everyday Troubles: The micro-politics of interpersonal conflict, Chicago: University of Chicago Press

review due: tba

economy of words.jpg

Douglas Holmes (2013) Economy of Words: Communicative Imperatives in Central Banks, University of Chicago Press

review due: tba


Gary Alan Fine (2010) Gifted Tongues: High School Debate and Adolescent Culture, Princeton University Press

review due: tba